I'm a Ruby developer from Helsinki, Finland. You can find me and my open source projects on GitHub as matiaskorhonen, I occasionally blog about programming and a variety of random things at randomerrata.com, and I tweet as @matiaskorhonen.

Open source things


The winner of the 2015 Gopher Gala, Goffee does Global uptime monitoring via Tor.


A Tweetbot custom media endpoint for uploads to S3, written in Go.

Heroku Buildpack: Monit

Run Monit, the open source monitoring utility, on Heroku.

Monit gem

A Ruby interface for Monit

Nordea gem

A Money.gem compatible currency exchange rate implementation for Nordea Bank.

Random Errata

Random Errata is my blog, where I occasionally write about tech stuff, beer making, and other random things.