I'm a Ruby developer from Helsinki, Finland. You can find me and my open source projects on GitHub as matiaskorhonen, I occasionally blog about programming and a variety of random things at randomerrata.com, and I tweet as @matiaskorhonen.

Open source things

Tram Challenge

The goal of the Tram Challenge is to visit all the tram stops on the Helsinki tram system as quickly as possible.


The winner of the 2016 Gopher Gala, Goad does distributed web app load testing via AWS Lambdas


The winner of the 2015 Gopher Gala, Goffee does Global uptime monitoring via Tor.


A Tweetbot custom media endpoint for uploads to S3, written in Go.

Heroku Buildpack: Monit

Run Monit, the open source monitoring utility, on Heroku.

Monit gem

A Ruby interface for Monit

Nordea gem

A Money.gem compatible currency exchange rate implementation for Nordea Bank.

Random Errata

Random Errata is my blog, where I occasionally write about tech stuff, beer making, and other random things.